John deriggi oz lookdev01
John deriggi oz lookdev fur04
John deriggi hands lookdev02

Hand detail

Animation topology

Concept sculpt

John deriggi oz concept 5c

Concept by Chris Ocampo

Oz is a 3 year old alien avatar who really likes cupcakes! She was created in a Disney film style at Oculus Research/Facebook Reality Labs. My roles included concept sculpt development, production model, blendshape sculpting and testing with rig, fur and eyelash groom, lookdev of textures, materials, and fur, lighting, and rendering. Software included Zbrush, Maya, XGen, Arnold, 3D Coat, Substance Painter, and Photoshop. Concept/art direction by Chris Ocampo. Rig created by Chad Vernon. Animation created by Tippet Studio.